Our Goal

It is the desire of our hearts, as a group of ladies of the church, to be used by God as His hands and heart. We strive to reach out to our church family and community and try to meet their needs in times of trouble, sickness, death, and joy that come into their lives. Meeting these needs of others is our hearts desire as we serve the Lord together as the Women On Mission.

What Do We Do?

Our group of ladies, known as the W.O.M of Prospect Baptist Church, are a missions group focused on reaching out to the community through mission works.

 Some of the activities we are involved in at Prospect Baptist are:

  1.) A church-wide phone, email and text prayer chain ( lets everyone know about recent member’s surgeries, bereavements, etc.).

 2.) Providing food and assistance in times of sickness and death.

 3.) Providing gift baskets for newlyweds and new parents.

 4.) Presenting Bibles to newborns.

 5.) Preparing and serving a meal annually for Motlow’s Baptist Student Union.

 6.) Serving lunch to the Lincoln County Fair workers as they are preparing the rides.

 7.) Preparing lunch for Andrea’s Walk, a local charity for the Child Development Center.

 8.) Praying for our church, church family, and our missionaries.

How Do I Get Involved?

The W.O.M meets every 2nd Tuesday night in the church Fellowship Hall. We serve dinner at 6:00 and the actual meeting/discussion starts at 6:30.

During each meeting there is always a chance to volunteer to visit someone in need or to prepare food for an event or for a church member.